Assisting families with the education of their children.

Tutor Recruitment

Of particular interest to retired teachers is the REVISE WA scheme. Unpaid volunteer retired teachers spend time in rural and semi-remote areas of WA assisting families with the education of their children. Parents, usually the mothers, who supervise their children’s education, can often feel stressed as they cope with the increasing complexities of teaching methods and often find it almost impossible to devote the time needed. Seasonal activities such as shearing and mustering increase the workloads of parents. Not only is there extra station work but often more mouths to feed. These children are students of The School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) which includes the five Schools of the Air (SOTA) covering WA.

Thanks to satellite communication, SOTA teachers are daily in touch with their students but, due to the huge distances, cannot get out to see their students as much as they would like. Recognising the need for providing some form of relief for the parents in such possibly stressful situations, the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) set up the REVISE WA scheme in 1992. Similar schemes had already been set up in Queensland and South Australia. Since REVISE WA’s beginning, many families have benefited from our volunteers’ help, some on a regular basis, some in an emergency one-off situation.

We Need Volunteers

Volunteers need to be reasonably fit, be resilient, have a certain sense of adventure and be willing to meet a very real need by travelling to outback properties in WA to supervise the lessons of children for a period of preferably four weeks. The requesting parents will provide reasonable accommodation and meals.

REVISE WA will cover the cost of return fares whether by bus or air, or provide a fuel allowance for those who prefer to travel in their own vehicle. Interstate and overseas tutors will have transport costs paid from Perth to the station and return.

For remote stations, assistance will be provided towards the cost of overnight accommodation on the journey there and back. Some tutors like to tow their own caravan, providing accommodation. Often a partner will travel with a tutor and both can utilise their skills to help the family. REVISE WA is purely voluntary. We feel that we:

  • meet a real need for the parents and children
  • continue to use our skills as experienced teachers
  • gain a unique experience of outback life

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Tutor Evaluation

An important aspect of any placement is to receive feedback from the tutors regarding their placements. Every placement and situation is different and your feedback will help REVISE WA to make more informed placements in the future and provide information for completion of mandatory reporting associated with grant funding. Your responses below will remain confidential and will remain anonymous in any reporting.

Placement Preparation

Prior to each placement, tutors are encouraged to update themselves with current Department of Education curricula which is available on the SCSA website.

For further information contact us.

Application Forms

Please contact us if you need any more information about becoming a tutor or requesting a tutor. Otherwise, you can go directly to the application forms below.