Linking tutors and families to provide education for children.

As regional travel restrictions have been lifted, REVISE is once again operational.

REVISE WA was established to meet a very real need of parents who are teaching their children through the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE). The principal aim of the scheme is to provide the means of linking tutors and families to provide relief in the teaching of their children. REVISE WA tutors are teachers, mostly retired, fully qualified and holding a current WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK. They enjoy travelling and learning about the outback. Often a partner (usually not a teacher) will accompany the tutor and usually are more than willing to provide an extra hand around the station sharing their skills. REVISE WA organises plane tickets where appropriate, or subsidises use of a tutor’s private vehicle. Otherwise, tutors are unpaid. It is expected that you will provide accommodation, including meals.

Parents are requested to make a financial contribution towards the cost of tutor travel. After each placement, an invoice will be sent to each family requesting a minimum contribution payment of $400. Contributions in excess of $400 are always welcome and appreciated. Transport and insurance costs for our volunteer group constantly increase and we are very much dependent on generous contributions from parents for our continued operation.

The $400 minimum contribution should be paid to REVISE WA. A bank transfer can be made directly into the REVISE WA ANZ Bank Account BSB 016 267 Acc. No 904086601 or a cheque can be forwarded to the Treasurer (see “Contact Us” for address). If paying the minimum $400 is exceptionally difficult, you are encouraged to contact the REVISE co-ordinators (see “Contact Us” page) to discuss your situation.

The tutor will be a guest of your homestead for several weeks so full board and accommodation are required. In a few cases, tutors are prepared to bring their own caravans as accommodation.

If you believe your family would benefit from having a REVISE WA tutor, please submit an application.

Parent Evaluation

Once a placement has concluded, REVISE WA welcomes feedback, regarding the placement, from you. This is important because it enables REVISE WA to evaluate its services to you, improve where necessary and reaffirm aspects that work well. We ask that you be totally honest with your responses. Information provided on the Parent Feedback form will remain confidential and if any matters arise which need to be addressed by the REVISE WA committee, your responses will remain anonymous.

Provide feedback now.

Future Requests

Should you require another REVISE WA tutor, please submit another Request a Tutor application.

Request a Tutor

For further information contact us.

Application Forms

Please contact us if you need any more information about becoming a tutor or requesting a tutor. Otherwise, you can go directly to the application forms below.