Welcome to REVISE WA

Welcome to REVISE WA

Retired Educator Volunteers for Isolated Students Education In conjunction with Isolated children's Parents Association Inc WA.

REVISE WA is incorporated under the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) and assists ICPA in its objective to provide children living in remote and isolated areas of Australia with access to quality education and experiences.

REVISE WA began in 1992 following successful volunteer tutor schemes in Queensland and South Australia. It grew out of the need to provide relief for parents, usually the mothers, who are supervising the education of their children on outback properties.

The scheme provides voluntary tutors, retired teachers, to assist parents in the supervision of their children’s education received through the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) and regional Schools of the Air (SOTA).

There are times on a station when the parents may find it difficult to adequately supervise their children’s education:

  • at times of peak workload, say shearing or mustering
  • when there is illness or an accident
  • when it is felt professional help from an experienced teacher would be beneficial
  • or when a parent just needs a break to preserve their sanity

Under these situations, REVISE WA can send a tutor, typically for a period of around four weeks, to supervise the children’s school work while the supervising parent is freed to attend to other tasks. The parents can be confident that the children are in good hands and their education is progressing under capable guidance.

Tutors are unpaid volunteers. REVISE WA organises and pays tutors’ transport to and from the properties. The scheme relies for funding from station contributions, organisation donations, government grants and individuals.

Parents are required to provide suitable accommodation, including meals. After each placement, families are sent an invoice for $400 as their financial contribution towards the cost of placing a tutor with the family. Contributions in excess of this amount are always welcome.

Each year, about 20-30 teachers are placed with families in remote areas (mostly sheep and cattle stations), occasionally a mining settlement, farm or roadhouse. Applications for a tutor may be made online.

If you would like to donate to REVISE WA please contact us. For further information please contact the Coordinator.

Application Forms

Please contact us if you need any more information about becoming a tutor or requesting a tutor. Otherwise, you can go directly to the application forms below.